Pisces, Med. Charms


Pisces, Med. Charms


Pisces, the plural of fish, refers to a large constellation of a pair of fish tied together by their tails.

Pisces is part of the Inlay collection, based on an enamel inlay technique similar to the ceramics technique called Mishima. The enamel is scratched out by hand with a toothpick and then "inlaid" with a different color -- hence the name. We went with a thinner glass for this collection, as a complement to the simple two-tone designs and minimalist aesthetic.

Each charm includes a 16" or 18" sterling silver box chain.

Dimensions: 0.25" x 1.1"; 6mm x 28mm

(production design: slight variations from the photographed item are inevitable due to the nature of this work -- each design is hand-painted onto the glass)

Chain Length:
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