GC-512: Bronze, Charm


GC-512: Bronze, Charm


Bronze is part of the TACTILE collection. Strips of brass are cut from sheet and fired in the glass with a patina of copper oxide. The aesthetic here is minimalist and wabi-sabi -- an appreciation of how the patina weathers the metal within the glass.

The top layers of glass are lain on their side at different heights to create a dimensional effect. 

Each charm includes a 16" or 18" rhodium-coated sterling silver box chain.

Dimensions: 0.25" x 1.1"; 6mm x 28mm

(production design: slight variations from the photographed item are inevitable due to the nature of this work -- each design is hand-painted onto the glass)

Eco Extra! The glass used in this design is up-cycled!

Chain Length::
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