Our Etsy Shop

So if you're here on our website, then you're already an aficionado. But we're trying to get new souls to find us on the sprawling web of etsy, and you can help us!!

Whenever items are favorited and orders are placed over there, we get a little boost in the search engine. And its really helpful right now in the holiday season.

So let us help you help us by helping you.

Pop over to our etsy store and take 25% off anything over there when you order on their platform. The coupon code is ETSYFRETSY . (expires 12/7) And don't forget to rave about us afterward when you write the review :)

Edo & the Clan


Momo Goes 3d!

As many of you know, our pop up shop at Bryant Park is up and running! It will be open every day through January 5th. Our friend and very amiable shop manager, Rodrigo Garcia is back for another year, accompanied by the charming Zaheda Mohamed.

We redid a lot of the displays this year, with the help of a borrowed 3-d printer and using some simple aesthetic designs. Stop by and check it out! Here are a few pictures to give you an idea...

New Bright Mosaic Sets!

Just a quick one -- 11 new Bright Mosaic sets are available, after a long dry spell. We've been dedicating more time to that line lately and there are lots more updates on the way. 

it happened.

We had another kid. Django Mor was born on june 23rd! Here he is, about a week old. Next thing you know he'll be helping us in the studio. He already looks like the handy sort.



Welcome to our brand new website.

Edo has been trying to code HTML and CSS himself for the past five years and is very excited to be handing the job off to Squarespace. With all that tricky programming work taken off his hands, you can look forward to a website that's only running a week or two behind the latest going-ons in the studio, as opposed to six months or a year. Updating was always a drag for us because it was so tedious. No longer!

So what's improved?

* a simple, streamlined one-page shopping cart. (no bouncing to Paypal and back, in other words)

* more selection & multiple photos of each item

* frequent updates and special promotions

 * an interface that also works well on tablets and smartphones

And we're just getting started. We want to thank you all for your excellent patronage over the years. Edo is hard at work snapping photos with his lightbox, so stop by often to see what's new. Let us know if there's anything you'd love to see on this website. We'll try to make it happen.

The Momo Crew